Re-mapping my blogs and sites

I have began an arduous journey of re-mapping my blog sites. I know it does seem a little too much work to do so, but I have my reasons for doing so. Now looking at how things are, I was hoping that the designer could get back to me soon about my comment and feedback regarding the mockup he had sent over to me. Well, I shall not stop my re-mapping even with no reply from the designer.

I know that I am being vague at the moment, but when I roll it out, I shall make the proper announcement for it. For now, I just to re-map my main blog site. There are a whole lot of SEO to be done.

And just to note to everyone. I shall be blogging at my main blog from now onwards.

Well that’s about it for now. Just a nobody signing off.

Life with a 3G iPad

Life has been different since I gotten my hands on the iPad and also getting a sim card for the 3G connection. Well, being the kiam siap person (due to the lack of money), I gotten myself a data plan from DiGi. Gotta say that the internet is pretty nice to use especially on the go or when someone is driving me. Man I like this shit very much. Wahahaha.

Apple iPad 2 picture

DiGi logo

Now looking back at how I was, I would only tweet using my laptop, or even when I had free wifi, using my (current) Nokia E71. Still using my E71 to tweet and check tweets while I am in the gym, working out. So I was not so active then. But now I am taking the initiative to be a lil more active online. Hoping to get more active using the iPad.

Now back to my life. My life seems to be a little more busy since I started using Twitter. I really like Twitter as compared to Facebook. Loving the Twitter I suppose. Hehehe.

So the final conclusion is that, with the iPad and mobile Internet access, I shall be busier than before. So signing off, from Just a nobody.

First time stuck in ramadhan jam

All this time I would not get stuck in a jam, this is very first time getting caught in a jam. I am not saying that it sucks, just a matter of a waste of petrol. Huhuhu. What’s worse, it is a Friday. Amazingly I am writing this while I am stuck in the jam. Well, it is following the plan to meet up and talk about business while having dinner.

Here is a pic of the jam~!


Who are the participants, well, I shall keep that a secret for now. But those who are active on twitter would know who I am meeting up. Of course I am eager to discuss regarding the business as it has been awhile since I had talk about starting or doing my own business for awhile. Though this business is not a new idea.

This was written on Friday evening.

Now continuing on the Sunday night, the discussion on the business idea went pretty well I suppose. Though I should communicate with the rest about what has been discussed.

But looking at how things are, the plan will move onto a more serious note. Huhuhu.

Now till next time, Just a nobody signing out.

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